Over 19+ Years of supplying the best IT Products and helping customers reach full potential through consultancy and training.

BUSCITECH was established in January 2003 with the objective of being an IT supplier to corporate, small and medium sized business, as well as individual consumers. We have grown year upon year. Over these past years we have become synonymous with robust products that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations across the hardware and software realms.

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We sell a wide range of hardware, software, and integrated solutions at competitive prices, backed up by expert support.

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If you’re interested in a professional mobile app, system or website for your business, come to us.

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Our technical team takes pride in our attention to detail and will always put the client's needs first.

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Our consulting services address our clients' most pressing issues and opportunities, including strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, corporate finance and many more.

Trusted by world-class leading brands

Our technology and services benefit organizations of all sizes from every industry. We provide high-quality IT products as well as custom web, mobile, and IT solution services. 

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    What Customer Saying

    Over 19+ years working in the IT industry supplying high-quality products.


    Highly professional, determined to deliver excellent results. Helped the Union create a beautiful, informative, interactive and friendly website for current and potential stakeholders to see.

    Sengeto Dlamini
    Regional Development Officer, ESNAU