IT Consumables

Below is the list of prices for our IT consumables. The price is subject to change anytime. To confirm the exact price, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. To generate a pdf quote with multiple products, kindly login to our customers’ web portal or contact us.


Product NamePriceVatTotal
HP CE312A Yellow Toner Cartridg724.99108.75833.74
HP CE313A Magenta Toner Cartridg724.99108.75833.74
HP 913A Magenta Cartridge1565.22234.781800
HP CE320A Black Toner Cartridge1228.07184.211412.28
HP 913A Black Cartridge1521.74228.261750
Hp CE323A Magenta Toner cartridg1184.21177.631361.84
HP 912 Black Ink Cartridge304.3545.65350
HP 907XL High Yield Black Cartr956.52143.481100
HP 903 Magenta Ink Cartridge173.9126.09200
HP 903 Yellow Ink Cartridge173.9126.09200
HP CE322A Yellow Toner Cartridge1184.21177.631361.84
HP CE321A CYAN Toner Cartridge1184.21177.631361.84
HP 912 Yellow Ink Cartridge173.9126.09200
HP 912 Cyan Ink Cartridge173.9126.09200
HP 912 Magenta Ink Cartridge173.9126.09200
HP C4837A (11) Magenta Ink Cartr754.39113.16867.55
HP C4838A (11) Yellow Ink Cartri754.39113.16867.55
HP C4844A (10) Black Ink Cartrid771.93115.79887.72
HP C4836A (11) Cyan Ink Cartridg754.39113.16867.55
HP C4812A 11 Magent Printerhead745.61111.84857.45
HP C4813A 11 Yellow Printerhead745.61111.84857.45
HP CC533A Magenta Compatible565.2284.78650
HP CC532A YellowToner Cartridge2521.74378.262900
HP CC531A Cyan Toner Cartridge2147.83322.172470
HP CC530A Black Toner Cartridge2434.78365.222800
HP CC364A Black Cartridge25003752875
HP C7115A Black Toner Cartridge1096.5164.481260.98
HP CB435AD Dualpack Cartridge2260.87339.132600
HP CB436A Black Toner Cartridge1434.78215.221650
HP C4811A (11) Black Printerhead745.61111.84857.45
HP 950 Black Ink Cartridge438.665.79504.39
HP 951XL Yellow Ink Cartridge652.1797.83750
HP CE255A Black Toner Cartridge2695.65404.353100
HP CE255X Black Toner Cartridge4521.74678.265200
HP CE311A Cyan Toner Cartridge724.99108.75833.74
HP CE310A Black Toner Cartridge833.34125958.34
HP CE285AF Dual Pack Black Cartr2434.78365.222800
HP CC533A MagentToner Cartridge2260.87339.132600
HP C4096A Black Toner1350202.51552.5
HP C4810A (11) Black Printerhead745.61111.84857.45
HP 991X Yellow Ink Cartridge3652.18547.834200.01
HP 991X Black Ink Cartridge4434.78665.225100
HP 991X Cyan Ink Cartridge3652.18547.834200.01
HP 991X Magenta Ink Cartridge3652.18547.834200.01
HP 903 Cyan Ink Cartridge173.9126.09200
Epson Ink Catridge T0922166.6725191.67
Epson Ink Catridge T0923184.2127.63211.84
Epson Ink Catridge T0921 Black184.2127.63211.84
EPSON - RIBBON SIDM BLACK LX350104.3515.65120
Epson Ink Cartridge T0924184.2127.63211.84
HP 121 Black Ink Cartridge417.3962.61480
HP 123XL Black Ink Cartridge739.13110.87850
HP 123XL Tricolour Ink Cartridg773.91116.09890
HP 122XL Tri-colour Cartridge608.791.31700.01
HP 121 Tri-colour Ink Cartridge391.358.7450
HP 121XL Black Ink Cartridge552.6382.89635.52
Canon PG-510 Black Cartridge295.6544.35340
Canon PG-512 Black Cartridge452.1767.83520
Canon PG-40 Black Ink Cartridge365.2254.78420
Canon CLI-451 Black Cartridge217.3932.61250
Canon FX10 Toner Cartridge1304.35195.651500
Canon PG37BK Black Cartridge307.0246.05353.07
Envelop A41.740.262
Envelop A51.30.21.5
Canon RP54IN Ink & Papers217.3932.61250
Canon PG440 Black Cartridge330.4449.57380.01
Canon RP108IN Ink & Papers434.7865.22500
HP 129 Black Inkjet Catridge478.2671.74550
HP 22 Tri-colour Ink Cartridge565.2284.78650
HP 22XL Tri-colour Ink Cartridge543.4881.52625
HP 21 Black Inkjet Cartridge365.2254.78420
HP 177 Yellow Ink Cartridge156.5223.48180
HP 178 Black Cartridge217.3932.61250
HP 27 Black Ink Cartridge350.8852.63403.51
HP 901 Black Inkjet Cartridge417.3962.61480
HP 901 Tri-colour Cartridge452.1767.83520
HP 57 Colour Ink Catridge745.61111.84857.45
HP 28 Colour Ink Catridge307.0246.05353.07
HP 305XL Black Ink Cartridge391.3158.7450.01
HP 140 Black Inkjet Cartridge333.3450383.34
HP 140XL Black Inkjet Cartridge394.7459.21453.95
HP 135 Tri-colour Cartridge852.17127.83980
HP 130 Black Inkjet Cartridge394.7459.21453.95
HP 132 Black Inkjet Cartridge19929.85228.85
HP 141 Tri-colour Cartridge394.7459.21453.95
HP 177 Cyan Ink Cartridge156.5223.48180
HP 177 Magenta Ink Cartridge156.5223.48180
HP 177 Black Ink Cartridge208.731.31240.01
HP 15 Black Cartridge412.2861.84474.12
HP 17 Tri-Colour Cartridge456.1468.42524.56
HP CE390A Black Toner Cartridge3478.26521.744000
HP W2210X Black Toner Cartridge1565.22234.781800
HP W2211A Cyan Toner Cartridge1304.35195.651500
HP W2211X Cyan Toner Cartridge1695.65254.351950
HP W2033A Magenta Toner Cartrid2086.96313.042400
HP W2030A Black Toner Cartridge1565.22234.781800
HP W2031A Cyan Toner Cartridge2086.96313.042400
HP W2032A Yellow Toner Cartridg2086.96313.042400
Kyocera TK-475 Black Toner Cart2478.26371.742850
Kyocera TK-715 Black Toner Cartr2950442.53392.5
Lexmark 505 BlackToner Cartridg1478.26221.741700
HP W2213X Magenta Toner Cartridg1695.65254.351950
HP W2212A Yellow Toner Cartridge1304.35195.651500
HP W2212X Yellow Toner Cartridge1695.65254.351950
HP W2213A Magenta Toner Cartridg1304.35195.651500
HP Q6471A Cyan Cartridge2587.72388.162975.88
HP Q6472A Yellow Cartridge1578.95236.841815.79
HP Q6473A Magenta Cartridge2587.72388.162975.88
Hp Q6470A Black Cartridge1622.81243.421866.23
HP Q6001A - Cyan Toner Cartridge1050157.51207.5
Hp Q6002A Yellow Toner Cartridge1050157.51207.5
HP Q6003A Magenta Toner Cartridg1050157.51207.5
HP Q7570A Black Toner Cartridge4217.39632.614850
HP U0SL1AM TRIPACK 131A Yellow/C4260.87639.134900
HP W1104A Imaging Drum Cartridge1173.91176.091350
HP Q7553A/49A COMPATIBLE521.7478.26600
HP Q7551A Black Toner Cartridge1622.81243.421866.23
HP Q7551X Toner Cartridge3739.53560.934300.46
HP Q7553A Toner - Black1652.17247.831900
Lexmark 515H High Yield Toner Ca2869.57430.443300.01
Samsung MLT-D111S Black Toner894.75134.211028.96
Samsung MLT-D116L Toner SL2825/21173.91176.091350
Samsung MLT-D119S Black Toner1095.65164.351260
Samsung MLT-D111L Compatible565.2284.78650
Samsung MLT-D101S Black Toner Ca1228.07184.211412.28
Samsung MLT-D103L - Toner Black1008.77151.321160.09
Samsung MLT-D105L Black Toner1652.17247.831900
TYPEK A4 papers Box 5 Reams280.742.11322.81
Typek A4 papers Ream69.5710.4480.01
White Board Liquid Cleaner104.3515.65120
Samsung SML-D3470B Black Toner3289.48493.423782.9
Samsung MLT-R116S Drum Unit for1043.48156.521200
Samsung SCX-4521D3 Cartridge1096.49164.471260.96
Samsung SCX6320D8 Black Cartrid1008.77151.321160.09
OKI B411/431/512/472 Image Drum1347.83202.171550
Ricoh MP C2503 Black Cartridge2782.61417.393200
Ricoh MP C2503 Cyan Cartridge2695.65404.353100
OKI B401/MB441/MB451 Toner Cartr1359.65203.951563.6
Manhattan Multipurpose Wipes69.5710.4480.01
OKI 182/192/3320 Ribbon 3mil Cha219.332.9252.2
OKI 43459348 Toner for C36001232.46184.871417.33
Samsung CLT-Y409S Yellow Toner59088.5678.5
Samsung IMK40 Ink Catridge43064.5494.5
Samsung IMK43 Ink Cartridge859.65128.95988.6
Samsung CLT-M409S Magenta Toner615.2792.29707.56
Ricoh MP C2503 Yellow Cartridge2695.65404.353100
Samsung CLT-C409S - Cyan Toner59088.5678.5
Samsung CLT-K409S Black Toner692.98103.95796.93
HP CF226X Black Toner cartridge3826.09573.914400
HP CF232A Imaging Drum Black1591.3238.71830
HP CF237A Black Toner Cartridge3565.22534.784100
HP CF219A Imaging Drum for M1301608.7241.311850.01
HP CF212A Yellow Toner Cartridge1652.17247.831900
HP CF213A Magenta Toner Cartridg1652.17247.831900
HP CF217A COMPATIBLE Black565.2284.78650
HP CF280X Black Toner Cartridge3695.65554.354250
HP CF280XF 2 Pack Black Cartridg6521.74978.267500
HP CF281A Black Toner Cartridge3130.44469.573600.01
HP CF280A Black Toner Cartridge2043.48306.522350
HP CF253XM 3-pack Toner Cartridg5217.39782.616000
HP CF256A Black Toner Cartridge782.61117.39900
HP CF280A - Compatible Toner652.1797.83750
HP CE402A YellowToner Cartridge4217.39632.614850
HP CE403A Magenta Toner Cartridg4217.39632.614850
HP CE410X Black Toner Cartridge1842.11276.322118.43
HP CE401A Cyan Toner Cartridge4217.39632.614850
HP CE390X Black Toner Cartridge3991.23598.684589.91
HP CE400A Black Toner Cartridge3173.91476.093650
HP CE400X Black Toner Cartridge4347.83652.175000
HP CF210X Black Cartridge1695.65254.351950
HP CF210XD DualPack B Cartridge2695.65404.353100
HP CF211A Cyan Toner Cartridge1652.17247.831900
HP CF210A Black Toner Cartridge1391.31208.71600.01
HP CE411A Cyan Toner Cartridge1929.83289.472219.3
HP CE412A Yellow Toner Cartridg1929.83289.472219.3
HP CE413A MagentaTonerCartridge1929.83289.472219.3
HP CF281X Black Toner Cartridge5304.35795.656100
HP CF542A Yellow Toner Cartridge1347.83202.171550
HP CF542X Yello Toner Cartridge1826.09273.912100
HP CF543A Magenta Toner Cartridg1347.83202.171550
HP CF541X Cyan Toner Cartridge1826.09273.912100
HP CF413X Magenta Toner Cartridg3391.31508.73900.01
HP CF540A Black Toner Cartridge1217.39182.611400
HP CF541A Cyan Toner Cartridge1347.83202.171550
Hp Q5942A Black Cartridge1973.68296.052269.73
HP Q5942X Black Toner Cartridge2456.15368.422824.57
HP Q6000A Black Toner Cartridge1086.96163.041250
HP Q2612A Black Toner Cartridge1608.7241.311850.01
HP CF543X Magen Toner Cartridge1826.09273.912100
HP Photo Papers Everyday A4 100347.8352.17400
HP Photopaper Adv. 10x15 60 she130.4419.57150.01
HP CF401X Cyan Toner Cartridge1956.52293.482250
HP CF402A Yello Toner Cartridge1521.74228.261750
HP CF402X Yellow TonerCartridge1956.52293.482250
HP CF401A Cyan Toner Cartridge1521.74228.261750
HP CF283AF 2-Pack Black Toner ca20003002300
HP CF400A Black Toner Cartridge1521.74228.261750
HP CF400X Black Toner Cartridge1913.04286.962200
HP CF410X Dual Pack Cartridge5391.3808.76200
HP CF411X Cyan Toner Cartridge3652.17547.834200
HP CF412X Yellow Toner Cartridge3652.17547.834200
HP CF410X Black Toner Cartridge3130.44469.573600.01
HP CF403A Magenta Toner Cartridg1521.74228.261750
HP CF403X Magenta Cartridge1956.52293.482250
HP CF410A Black Toner Cartridge1782.61267.392050
Canon 731 Yellow Toner Cartridge1565.22234.781800
Canon 045 Black Toner Cartridge1434.78215.221650
Brother TN2150 Toner Cartridge1043.48156.521200
Brother TN3290 Toner Cartridge1131.58169.741301.32
Canon CL-511 Colour Cartridge365.2254.78420
Canon 045 Yellow TonerCartridge1547.83232.171780
Canon 045 Cyan Toner Cartridge1547.83232.171780
Canon 045 Magenta Toner cartrid1547.83232.171780
Brother BT5000Y Yellow Ink Cartr234.7835.22270
Brother BTD60BK Black Ink Cartri278.2641.74320
Brother BT5000M Magenta Ink Cart234.7835.22270
Canon 731H Black Tone Cartridge1782.61267.392050
Brother TN1000 Black Toner Cartr826.09123.91950
Brother TN2025 Black Toner Cart956.52143.481100
Brother DR2125 Drum Unit1434.78215.221650
Brother Magen Cartridge LC1000M191.328.7220
Canon 054 Cyan Toner Cartridge1434.78215.221650
Canon 706 Black Toner Cartridge2149.12322.372471.49
Canon 719H Black TonerCartridge2105.27315.792421.06
Canon 054H Yellow Toner Cartridg2043.48306.522350
Canon 054H Magenta Toner Cartri2043.48306.522350
Brother BT5000C Cyan Ink Cartrid234.7835.22270
Canon CLI 451 Magenta Ink Cartr217.3932.61250
Canon 731 Magenta Toner Cartridg1565.22234.781800
Canon 731 Cyan Toner Cartridge1565.22234.781800
Canon 728 Black Toner Cartridge1739.13260.872000
Canon 731 Black Toner Cartridge1347.83202.171550
Brother Ink Catridge LC57BK26039299
Canon 054H Cyan Toner Cartridge2043.48306.522350
Brother Cartridge LC1000C191.328.7220
Canon 054H Black Toner Cartridg20003002300
Canon CL-513 Colour Cartridge368.4255.26423.68
HP 934XL Black Ink Cartridge695.65104.35800
HP 933XL Yellow Cartridge373.9156.09430
HP 920XL Black Cartridge569.5785.44655.01
HP 933XL Magenta Cartridge373.9156.09430
HP 933XL Cyan Cartridge373.9156.09430
HP 932XL Black Cartridge695.65104.35800
HP 913A Yellow Cartridge1565.22234.781800
Canon 054 Magenta Toner Cartridg1434.78215.221650
Canon 054 Black Toner Cartridge1521.74228.261750
Canon 054 Yellow Toner Cartridg1434.78215.221650
Samsung Astrum MLT-R116S Drum U695.65104.35800
HP 110 Tri Colour Ink Cartridge304.3545.65350
HP 901XL Black Cartridge695.65104.35800
HP 913A Cyan Cartridge1565.22234.781800
HP 655 Yellow Ink Cartridge278.2641.74320
HP 21XL Black Inkjet Catridge626.0993.91720
HP 655 Magenta Ink Cartridge278.2641.74320
HP Photo Papers Adv. 13x18 250g86.9613.04100
HP CF540X Black Toner Cartridge1739.13260.872000
HP Q2612A COMPATIBLE608.791.31700.01
HP Q5949A/53A Compatible Toner521.7478.26600
HP Q3962A Yellow Toner Cartridg1250187.51437.5
HP CF350A Black Toner Cartridge1052.2157.831210.03
HP CF283A Black Toner Cartridge1304.35195.651500
HP CF411A Cyan Toner Cartridge2173.91326.092500
HP CF413A Magenta Toner Cartridg2173.91326.092500
HP CF412A Yellow Toner Cartridge2173.91326.092500
HP W1106A Black Toner Cartridge956.52143.481100
HP W2411A Cyan Toner Cartridge10001501150
HP W2410A Black Toner Cartridge913.04136.961050
HP W2412A Yellow Toner Cartridge10001501150
OKI 45807120 B412/432/512/MB472/2017.39302.612320
HP W2413A Magenta Toner Cartridg10001501150
HP W2071A Cyan Toner Cartridge913.04136.961050
HP W2070A Black Toner Cartridge860.87129.13990
HP W2072A YellowToner Cartridge913.04136.961050
HP W2210A Black Toner Cartridge1217.39182.611400
HP W2073A Magenta Toner Cartrid913.04136.961050
HP CF259A Black Toner Cartridge1956.52293.482250
HP CC530A Black ASTRUM565.2284.78650
HP CB542A Yellow TonerCartridge1478.26221.741700
HP CC531A Cyan Compatible565.2284.78650
HP CE278A Black Toner Cartridge1521.74228.261750
HP CC532A Compatible YellowToner565.2284.78650
HP C4127A Black Toner1260.87189.131450
HP 951XL Cyan Ink Cartridge652.1797.83750
HP CB435A Black Toner Cartridge1434.78215.221650
HP CB541A Cyan Toner Cartridge1478.26221.741700
HP CB540A Black Toner Cartridge1565.22234.781800
HP CE278A COMPATIBLE - Black652.1797.83750
HP CF217A Black Toner Cartridge1217.4182.611400.01
HP CE505X Black Toner Cartridge3043.48456.523500
HP CF226A Black Toner cartridge2260.87339.132600
HP CF230X Black Toner Cartridge2130.44319.572450.01
HP CF230A Black Toner Cartridge1304.35195.651500
HP CE285A COMPATIBLE565.2284.78650
HP CE285A Black Toner Cartridge1304.35195.651500
HP CE410A Black Toner Cartridge1652.17247.831900
HP CE505A Black Toner Cartridge1739.13260.872000
HP CE505A Black COMPATIBLE TONE565.2284.78650
Samsung MLT-D111L Toner SLM20201217.39182.611400
Samsung MLT-D104S Toner Cartridg1173.91176.091350
Samsung MLT-R116S Drum COMPATIB695.65104.35800
Canon 737 Black Toner Cartridge1869.57280.442150.01
HP Q3963A Colour Toner1250187.51437.5
HP 935XL Magenta Ink Cartridge434.7865.22500
HP 940XL Black Catridge782.61117.39900
CANON PGI-480XL Black cartridge391.3158.7450.01
Canon 047BK Black Cartridge1260.87189.131450
HP 920XL Magenta Ink Cartridge247.8337.17285
HP 940XL Magenta Ink Cartridge591.388.7680
HP 953XL Cyan Ink Cartridge608.791.31700.01
HP 953XL Magenta Ink Cartridge608.791.31700.01
HP 953XL Yellow Ink Cartridge608.791.31700.01
HP 940XLYellow Ink Cartridge591.388.7680
HP 950XL Black Ink Cartridge860.87129.13990
HP 953XL Black Ink Cartridge869.57130.441000.01
HP 131 Black Cartridge460.8769.13530
HP CF283A - COMPATIBLE BLACK TON608.791.31700.01
HP 305XL Tri-colour Ink Cartrid339.1350.87390
HP 56 Black Ink Cartridge652.1797.83750
HP GT52 Magenta Orginal Ink Bott191.3128.7220.01
HP GT52 Yellow Orginal Ink Bottl191.3128.7220.01
HP GT53XL Black Orginal Ink Bott217.3932.61250
HP 655 Black Ink Cartridge278.2641.74320
HP 903XL Magenta Ink Cartridge434.7865.22500
HP 178 Magenta Cartridge191.3128.7220.01
Samsung MLT-D116L COMPATIBLE652.1797.83750
HP 655 Cyan Ink Cartridge278.2641.74320
HP GT52 Cyan Orginal Ink Bottle191.3128.7220.01
CANON PGI-480 PGBK - Black cart304.3545.65350
HP CB435A COMPATIBLE608.791.31700.01
Canon CLI-451 Cyan ink Cartridge217.3932.61250
Lexmark 51B5000 Black Catridge1434.78215.221650
CANON CLI-481 Y - Yellow cartri304.3545.65350
HP CB543A Magenta T. Cartridge1478.26221.741700
HP 940XL Cyan Ink Cartridge591.388.7680
CANON CLI-481 BK - Black cartri304.3545.65350
Canon PGI-450 PGBK Black252.1737.83290
HP 935XL Cyan Ink Cartridge434.7865.22500
CANON CLI-481 M - Magenta cartr304.3545.65350
CANON CLI-481 C - Cyan cartridg304.3545.65350
HP 903XL Black Ink Cartridge739.14110.87850.01
Canon CLI 451 Yellow Ink Cartrid217.3932.61250
CANON C-EXV 50 TONER BLACK - Yie1652.17247.831900
HP 650 Black Ink Cartridge278.2641.74320
HP 963XL Black Cartridge826.09123.91950
HP 305 Tri-colour Ink Cartridge226.0933.91260
HP 122XL Black Inkjet Print Car756.52113.48870
HP 951XL Magenta Ink Cartridge652.1797.83750
CANON C-EXV 50 DRUM UNIT1478.26221.741700
HP 178 Yellow Cartridge191.3128.7220.01
HP 903XL Yellow Ink Cartridge434.7865.22500
HP 920XL Cyan Ink Cartridge247.8337.17285
HP 963XL Magenta Cartridge591.388.7680
HP 963XL Cyan Cartridge591.388.7680
HP 653 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge217.3932.61250
HP CF230A Compatible521.7478.26600
HP 935XL Yellow Ink Cartridge434.7865.22500
HP 903XL Cyan Cartridge434.7865.22500
HP 912XL Black Ink Cartridge695.65104.35800
HP 920XL Yellow Ink Cartridge247.8337.17285
Canon CL-441XL Colour Cartridge478.2671.74550
HP 912XL Yellow Ink Cartridge391.3158.7450.01
HP 912XL Magenta Ink Cartridge391.3158.7450.01
HP 912XL Cyan Ink Cartridge391.3158.7450.01
Canon PG440XL Black Ink Cartridg460.8769.13530
HP ZINK Sticky-Backed Photo Pape173.9126.09200
HP 652 Black Ink Cartridge278.2641.74320
HP 178 Cyan Cartridge191.3128.7220.01
HP 963XL Yellow Cartridge591.388.7680
Canon CL-446XL Colour Cartridge426.0963.91490
HP 123 Black Ink Cartridge260.8739.13300
HP 305 Black Ink Cartridge226.0933.91260
HP 653 Black Ink Cartridge260.8739.13300
HP 122 Black Ink Cartridge278.2641.74320
HP 650 Colour Ink Cartridge243.4836.52280
HP 122 Tri-colour Ink Cartridge304.3545.65350
HP 652 Tri-colour Ink Cartridge260.8739.13300
Canon PG445XL Black Cartridge417.3962.61480
Canon KP36IP Ink + Photo paper173.9126.09200
HP 123 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge278.2641.74320
Canon KP108IN Ink+ Photo paper521.7478.26600


We offer an extensive range of consumables such as toner cartridges, ink cartridges and various forms of storage media. Most consumables offered are brand name products like Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Compaq, Acer, Verbatim and many more.

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