Below is the list of prices for our hardware. The price is subject to change anytime. To confirm the exact price, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. To generate a pdf quote with multiple products, kindly login to our customers’ web portal or contact us.

Product NamePriceVatTotal
Speakers - Astrum SM050 MMS 2.1565.2284.78650
CANON LEGRIA HF-R86 BLACK - Full4649.12697.375346.49
Astrum Active VGA to HDMI Adapto438.665.79504.39
Scanner - Adv. Handheld Laser1140.35171.051311.4
Asus Intel? Core i3-4005U 4GB156578.95986.847565.79
Lenovo V330 -15 i5-8250U 8GB 1T9826.091473.9111300
Asus TP300LA-DW036HTouch 13.3"7893.861184.089077.94
Ac Adaptor ACER 45W Small pin434.7865.22500
Battery - HP Compaq 8320/8500/8860.87129.13990
Battery - HP laptop 620/4321/452833.33125958.33
Asus Tablet 10" ME302KL-1A001A4991.23748.685739.91
Airpods -Wireless with Charging3782.61567.394350
Projector Screen - ST-4 2x2m1710.53256.581967.11
ASUS ME372CG - 1B015A Fonepad3814.91572.244387.15
Alcatroz R100 4 Port USB 2.0 and78.2611.7490
Alcatroz 2.1 X-Craft HP7000 Gami478.2671.74550
Alcatroz Xcraft Gaming HP-3Pro478.2671.74550
Asus Wireless N300 USB Adaptor394.7459.21453.95
CANON LC-E8E CHARGER1260.87189.131450
Apple Magsafe power Adaptor 60W1704.35255.651960
Speakers - SonicGear Sonic Cube104.3515.65120
AC Adaptor Acer 65W 19V BLACK695.65104.35800
Battery - HP laptop 550/6700/51833.33125958.33
Asus Core i3-5005U 4GB 1TB 15.65826.09873.916700
Alcatel 3G HSPA +USB modem346.9652.04399
Asus Intel i5-5200U 4GB 1TB W88070.181210.539280.71
Lenovo ThinkPad L580 i7-8550U 818608.72791.3121400.01
Battery - AA Alkaline Vinnic34.785.2240
Battery - HP 510/530 Laptop833.34125958.34
Battery - HP 250/255/14/240 G2826.09123.91950
Lenovo ThinkBook 14 IIL, Intel C15565.222334.7817900
Lenovo Folio Case +Film TAB M10365.2254.78420
Bag - Targus TEB1 Backpack 15-16826.09123.91950
Bag -Targus Essential 15.6 Back686.96103.04790
Battery - HP 635/CQ42/61/62826.09123.91950
Lenovo IdeaPad 330 AMD A4-91255391.31808.76200.01
Battery - Dell Inspiron 15 3551860.87129.13990
Lenovo Ideapad S145 i5-1035G1 4G8608.71291.319900.01
Lenovo IdeaPad S145 i3 4GB 1TB7173.911076.098250
Battery - AcerTM47771/5741/5742/833.34125958.34
Battery - Acer TM 4501833.33125958.33
Lenovo ThinkBook 14 i7 8GB 512G16956.522543.4819500
Battery - AA Astrum Alkaline LR634.785.2240
Battery - AAA Astrum Alkaline LR34.785.2240
Battery - HP 250 G3 Laptop868.7130.31999.01
Battery - Acer Aspire 5332 serie833.34125958.34
Laptop Screen 14" LED 30 Pin1391.3208.71600
Battery - HP compaq 610/615826.1123.92950.02
Lenovo V15 Iron Grey AMD3020E 45478.26821.746300
Bag - Dell Pro Backpack 15652.1797.83750
Bag - Dell Essential Backpack 15478.2671.74550
Asus Zenbook I7-1165G7 16GB 13.318086.962713.0420800
Asus X550CA-XX123H Intel i5-32177192.981078.958271.93
Speakers - SonicGear Quatro2 Sup173.9126.09200
Laptop LCD 15"41491.2223.681714.88
AU200 AUX Cable 1.5m 3.5MM balck104.3515.65120
Laptop screen 15.6" LED 30 pin1652.2247.831900.03
Battery - HP 8500/8700 Series1271.93190.791462.72
Bag - Targus Clas Clamshell 15"347.8352.17400
RAM - 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz Transcend652.1797.83750
Bag - Targus CN01 Notepac15-16"434.7865.22500
Bag - HP Prelude Pro Recycle Bac565.2284.78650
Bag - HP Prelude Backpack 15.6"434.7865.22500
USB3.0 4 Ports Hub - Astrum217.432.61250.01
Bag - Lenovo 15.6" Backpack B201347.8352.17400
Scanner - Barcode Laser + USB St833.33125958.33
Processor - Intel Celeron G3930-868.7130.31999.01
Acer Extensa Cel N3060 4GB 15.65043.48756.525800
Acer Intel Pentium Quad Core Pro5701.75855.266557.01
Acer Aspire3 i3-1005G1 4GB 1TB8043.481206.529250
ACER E700 3 SIM Phone 3G Andr3304.35495.653800
Acer SPIN Intel Core i3-6006U 46260.87939.137200
128GB C10 MicroSDHC + Adaptor330.4449.57380.01
White Board Marker - Croxley52.637.8960.52
ACER Liquid Z500 PDA Phone 3G AN2543.86381.582925.44
Acer Aspire A315 Cel N4000 1.103826.09573.914400
Acer Aspire A315-51 Laptop i3-65652.17847.836500
Acer Aspire 5 A514-54 i5 8GB51212130.441819.5713950.01
Acer Aspire 5 i7-8565U 8GB 1TB11739.131760.8713500
Acer Aspire Intel i5-7200U7130.441069.578200.01
Acer Aspire Switch 10 E Tablet2173.92326.092500.01
Acer Aspire A315-56-38WS i3-1038782.611317.3910100
Acer Aspire ES1-533-C42M Cel N34824.56723.685548.24
HP ProBook 470, I5 8GB 1TB 17"13991.232098.6816089.91
HP ProBook 470 G5 Intel Core-i715000225017250
HP Probook 650 G2 CI5-6200U8652.171297.839950
HP Probook 650 i3-4000U 4GB5007893.861184.089077.94
HP ProBook 450 G8, Intel i7 16G18956.522843.4821800
HP Probook 450 G8 i7-8GB 512GBS19217.392882.6122100
HP ProBook 455 G6, AMD Ryzen 5 29217.391382.6110600
HP ProBook 450-i7-8550U 8GB 1TB14608.72191.3116800.01
HP ProDesk 490 G3 MT i5-6500 8G14122.812118.4216241.23
HP ProDesk 400 I5-4590s 8GB 5007391.31108.78500
Acer TM Intel i7-1165G7 8GB 1TB18869.572830.4421700.01
HP Proliant Server ML10v2 Pentiu3947.37592.114539.48
HP Probook 650 Intel i7-6600U 821565.223234.7824800
HP Probook 650 G3 Intel Core i5-8694.781304.229999
HP ProBook x360 440 G1 i5-8250U16086.962413.0418500
Tablet - Huawei Mediapad 10"3507.9526.194034.09
Projector - Epson EB-X31 3200lm7217.391082.618300
AC Adaptor Dell 45W USB Type C773.91116.09890
Projector - Bag Dell 1210s 725-11096.49164.471260.96
Huawei Y6 2018 Gold Dual SIM;572913.04436.963350
HP ZBook 15 G4, Intel Core i7-729564.354434.6533999
AC Adaptor HP 45W H6Y88AA478.2671.74550
Canon EOS 1200D 18-55mm Lens Kit4605.26690.795296.05
Projector - Acer X118H; DLP 3D5739.13860.876600
Projector - Dell 1210S Value 2104736.85710.535447.38
Speakers - SonicGear Titan 7 BT860.87129.13990
Ipad - Apple Ipad3 32GB Wifi 4G7807.021171.058978.07
Projector - Acer X118HP DLP FHD6086.09912.916999
IPHONE 6S 64GB SPACE GRAY CPO6652.17997.837650
Switch - D-Link (DGS-1024D) 24-P20003002300
Switch - D-Link 24 Port PoE 10/15087.72763.165850.88
Speakers - Space 3 M.Grey 2019652.1897.83750.01
Speakers - Sonicgear Titan 5 BTM782.61117.39900
Projector - Acer P1285B; XGA; HD6260.87939.137200
Keyb - Astrum KW340 Wireless Arm434.7865.22500
Projector - Dell M115HD Mobile6139.47920.927060.39
Projector - Acer P1560BTi 400014608.72191.3116800.01
HP Scanjet G4010 Photo Scanner2412.28361.842774.12
Tablet - Dell 210-ADCF Venue 7i2456.14368.422824.56
Projector - Epson EB-95 2600lm X8763.161314.4710077.63
Keyb - HP Pro 450 G1/2565.2284.78650
Projector - Acer X115H DLP 3D5526.32828.956355.27
Projector - Acer T82-W01MW 82.51043.48156.521200
CANON EOS 1300D + 18-55 DC LENS5964.91894.746859.65
Keyb - Armaggeddon Gaming media243.4836.52280
White Board Marker - Pentel Mafi217.3932.61250
Projector - Dell M110 Remote Con394.7459.21453.95
Projector - Dell M110 Tripod525.4478.82604.26
Processor - Intel Corei3 9100 33043.48456.523500
TV - Astrum TV110 Tuner Analog +434.7965.22500.01
TUFF-LUV TL-SP TAB A P585165.2224.78190
Projector Screen - SM-7 2x1.5m1973.69296.052269.74
HP EliteBook 830 G6 i5-8265U 8G22782.613417.3926200
HP EliteBook 830 G5, Intel i5-821391.33208.724600
TV Card - Astrum Android Magic S1096.49164.471260.96
HP HDMI to VGA Adaptor347.8352.17400
Keyb - Logitech Wreless Combo394.7459.21453.95
TUFF-LUV 2.5D Tempered Glass Sc478.2671.74550
Transcend DrivePro 550 Dual Lens2607.83391.172999
Transcend MP710 - 8GB Voice Rec1130.44169.571300.01
TUFF-LUV Smart & Stand Case S6565.2284.78650
Keyb - Microsoft USB Black130.4419.57150.01
Keyb - Mecer Black USB Slim130.4419.57150.01
Projector -Epson EB-X06 Mobile7826.091173.919000
UPS - Mecer 650VA LINE INTERACT652.1797.83750
UPS - Mecer 850VA Line Interacti868.43130.26998.69
Projector Screen - ST-3 Tripod 11929.83289.472219.3
UPS - Mecer 2000VA OFF-LINE UPS2173.91326.092500
Keyb - TB100 Case Bluetooth3.0 1521.7478.26600
HP Colour LaserJet MFP 179fnw (R4869.57730.445600.01
UPS - RCT 1000VA Line Interacti1391.3208.71600
UPS - RCT 650VA Line Interactive782.61117.39900
Keyb - RCT Combo Mouse & Standa243.536.53280.03
Projector Screen - SM-8 Wall/Cei2982.46447.373429.83
HP EliteBook 820 G4 IntelCorei517500262520125
HP EliteBook 820 G2 IntelCorei512608.71891.3114500.01
UPS - Eaton 5E 1500VA1739.13260.872000
UPS - Eaton 5E 650VA782.61117.39900
Projector Screen - ST-2 Tripod,1754.39263.162017.55
Keyb - RCT K19 Standard USB 104121.7418.26140
Transcend DrivePro 230 Dashcam2173.91326.092500
Acer TM5744-384G50Mi5438.6815.796254.39
Acer TMP253-E-962G50Mn4079611.854690.85
Keyb - HP USB Standard243.4836.52280
HP Printer M/Board for MFP7001782.61267.392050
Tablet - Lenovo TAB M8 TB-8505X;2869.57430.443300.01
Tablet - Lenovo TB-X306 M103304.35495.653800
HP Pavilion X360 Intel N37106666.6710007666.67
HP Pavilion 15 Intel Core i5-72010433.911565.0911999
HP ProBook 450 G7 i5-8GB 256GB13391.312008.715400.01
HP ProBook 450 G7 i5 10210U113391.32008.715400
HP ProBook 450 G8 i5-1135 8GB25613217.391982.6115200
HP ProBook 450 G7 i510210U 8GB13304.351995.6515300
HP ProBook 450 G5 i3-8100 4GB 58869.571330.4410200.01
HP ProBook 430 G7 Intel i5 8GB16086.962413.0418500
HP ProBook 450 G6 Intel i5-826513478.262021.7415500
HP Probook 450 G6 Core i5-8265U10000150011500
TOMTOM START 52 ZA 5'' TOUCH SCR2608.7391.313000.01
TomTom START40 AFRICA 29 AFR MA1973.68296.052269.73
Projector - SM-3 Proj. Screen1950292.52242.5
Keyb - Lenovo Black USB Slim217.3932.61250
TP-Link 150MBPS USB Wireless Ada217.432.61250.01
Projector - Viewsonic PJD51334166.676254791.67
Toshiba C50-B0490 i5-4210 4GB 1T7456.151118.428574.57
Processor - Intel Corei7-8700 36826.091023.917850
Tablet - Samsung Galaxy TabT5613728.07559.214287.28
Tablet - Ultimate 10.1 IPS1842.11276.322118.43
Tablet - Lenovo TB-X606 10.3" F3391.31508.73900.01
Tablet - Lenovo YOGA 10, 10.1" 14166.676254791.67
Processor - Intel i5 9400 2.9Gh4347.83652.175000
Projector - NEC V260X 2600lm 55657.9848.696506.59
Targus Chill Mat 4 ports USB713.04106.96820
Targus Pro-Tek Rotating 10"Cover565.2284.78650
Flash - 64GB Transcend JF890 TC339.1350.87390
Flash - 64GB USB 3.1 Patriot Dr234.7835.22270
PC - HP ProDesk 600 G5 i5-950013565.222034.7815600
PC - HP ProDesk 400 G6 i7-9700 815956.522393.4818350
Speakers - SonicGear EVO 5 BTMI1043.48156.521200
4 Ports USB PCI CARD Internal252.1837.83290.01
Flash - 64GB Strontium Ammo Silv217.3932.61250
Graphic - HP nVidia GT730 PCIE1521.74228.261750
Graphic - nVidia GeForce GT7301521.74228.261750
Graphic - nVidia GT710 1GBDDR31130.44169.571300.01
Philips DVT 1150 VoiceTracer Aud1173.91176.091350
PC - Lenovo Pentium G3250 4GB4913.04736.965650
Sound Card -Mecer PCI 7.1 chan.217.3932.61250
Mouse - Targus Rectractable Opt104.3515.65120
16GB MicroSD Transcend 300S104.3515.65120
PC - HP Pro G2 Intel i5-8400 48694.781304.229999
Flash - 32GB Patriot Slate USB3.147.8322.17170
PC - HP 290 G4 Intel i5-1050011565.221734.7813300
Network Card -USB to LAN Adapto174.5726.19200.76
Dell EMC PowerEdge T140_x000D_
Intel X
PC - HP 290 G2 Ci3-8100 4GB 5007695.651154.358850
Speakers - SonicGear BT2100 Blue1478.26221.741700
Flash - 64GB Apacer AH333 USB20260.8739.13300
Router - D-Link 2740UADSL/ADSL2739.13110.87850
Multiplug - 12 Ways307.0246.05353.07
PC - HP ProDesk 400 G4 i5-71008684.211302.639986.84
Router - D-Link DSL-224 ADSL2 Wi739.13110.87850
Flash - 32GB Transcend JF790 USB156.5223.48180
Ramble Cover Samsung 9.6" T561304.3545.65350
HDD - 4TB 2.5" Ext Transcend Sto2347.83352.172700
HDD - 4TB Seagate Backup Plus2565.22384.782950
HDD - 3TB Toshiba Canvio Advance1651.3247.71899
HDD - 2TB Seagate OneTouchPortab1478.26221.741700
Power Supply - ATX 450W ASTRUM304.3545.65350
HDD - 3TB Seagate Ironwolf 3.5"2521.74378.262900
HDD - 500GB SSD Transcend 2.5"1391.3208.71600
HDD - 500GB Toshiba 2.5" 7200RPM782.61117.39900
Mouse - HP Z3700 Blue Wireless304.3545.65350
HDD - 500GB Seagate 3.5" 7200RPM876.32131.451007.77
Mouse - HP Z3700 Red Wireless M304.3545.65350
HDD - 4TB Toshiba X128Mb cache 32086.96313.042400
HDD - 500GB Seagate 2.5" Interna833.34125958.34
HDD - 1TB 2.5" Seagate internal1043.48156.521200
HDD - 1TB 2.5" Transcend USB3.11173.91176.091350
HDD - 1TB 2.5" WD Elements Exte956.52143.481100
HDD - 1TB 2.5 Seagate Backup Ult1217.39182.611400
Dell Adapter Display port -HDMI391.358.7450
DELL Active Stylus Pen - PN350M773.91116.09890
HDD - 160GB IDE Samsung 2.5"700.88105.13806.01
HDD - 2TB Seagate 2.5" External1652.17247.831900
HDD - 2TB Seagate Backup Plus Sl1652.17247.831900
64GB PQ1 MicroSD UHS Class 10 Me191.3128.7220.01
HDD - 1TBToshiba 2.5.CanvioBasi956.52143.481100
HDD - 1TB Seagate Internal 3.5"834.78125.22960
HDD - 1TB Toshiba 3.5" SATA3913.04136.961050
HDD - 1TB Transcend 25A3 USB3 2956.52143.481100
Speakers - Logitech Z607 5.1 Sur2434.78365.222800
PC - Dell Vostro 3888 i7 16GB 519478.262921.7422400
Earphones - Double Pack EB20086.9613.04100
PC - Acer XC-830 Celeron J40054869.57730.445600.01
DVD - Verbatim Slimline Ext Writ565.2284.78650
DVD - Asus SDRW-08D2S-ULite Exte565.2284.78650
DVD - Liteon 24X SATA super all304.3545.65350
PC - Dell Vostro 3900 i3-415061409217061
Earphones - ET260 Bluetooth Spor243.4836.52280
Earphones - Sonicgear Bluesport260.8739.13300
Earphones - SonicGear Wireless521.7478.26600
Samsung Galaxy Tab A T515 10.1"5217.39782.616000
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.48694.781304.229999
Samsung Galaxy Tab E T561 9.6''3652.17547.834200
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 T295 8'' 83391.31508.73900.01
Dell Latitude 3520 i7 8GB 512GB20521.743078.2623600
Dell Optiplex 7070 MT Intel i7-15956.522393.4818350
Dell PE T20 Pentium G3220 3.0Ghz3507.9526.194034.09
Dell Inspiron 5593 i7-16GB 512G22956.533443.4826400.01
Dell Inspiron 3593 Intel i7 8G17390.442608.5719999.01
Dell Inspiron 5406 i7 8GB 512GB22434.783365.2225800
Dell Inspiron 5593 i7-1065G7 8G16086.962413.0418500
Dell Vostro 3560 i7-3632QM 8GB12279.821841.9714121.79
Dell Vostro 5402 Core i5-1135G717347.832602.1719950
DVD - HP USB External Drive652.1797.83750
Dell Vostro 3558 i5 4G1TB 2GB V9342.111401.3210743.43
Dell SE2419HR 23.8" LED Monitor2521.74378.262900
PC - Dell Vostro3671 i7-9700 8G15956.522393.4818350
Dell Vostro 3500 Intel i5 4GB1T11130.441669.5712800.01
32GB SDHC Transcend 300S173.9126.09200
Flash - 16GB NitroOTG Strontium121.7418.26140
Flash - 16GB SanDisk C. Blade113.0416.96130
8GB MicroSD Verbatim86.9613.04100
32GB SDHC SanDisk Memory Card217.3932.61250
USB Cable U320 USB-C 2m to male86.9513.0499.99
Epson TM-U220/210/300 Ribon61.419.2170.62
Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera - 24.2MP16043.482406.5218450
Flash - 16GB Transcend JF350 Jet104.3515.65120
Speakers - Logitech Z506 Soroun1652.17247.831900
Speakers - Logitech Z211 2.1 MU608.791.31700.01
8GB Nitro OTG Strontium USB3.1104.3515.65120
PC - HP 290 G2 CelG4900 4GB 5005391.31808.76200.01
Speakers - Logitech Z207 Blueto956.52143.481100
Dell Inspiron 3593 i7-1065G7 8G15565.222334.7817900
Dell Inspiron 3593 i7-1065 8G1T17390.442608.5719999.01
Dell Inspiron 3576 i5-4GB 1TB 29473.681421.0510894.73
Samsung GALAXY A30s Black 6.4"4869.57730.445600.01
Ellies Extension Cord 5m121.7418.26140
Samsung Galaxy Tab A P585 10.1''5826.09873.916700
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Neo, 4.3"1929.83289.472219.3
PC - Acer Aspire XC-840 Micro SF6347.83952.177300
80GB SATA Hard Disk - Used45067.5517.5
USB Cable UT312 USB C to male69.5710.4480.01
Dell EMC PowerEdge T40, Intel Xe12434.781865.2214300
Dell Inspiron 3567 i5-7200U 8GB9564.351434.6510999
Dell Inspiron 3500 i7 16GB 1TBS24521.743678.2628200
Dell Inspiron 3467 i7-7500 4GB9473.691421.0510894.74
Monitor - Lenovo 18.5" TFT LED1359.65203.951563.6
Monitor - Dell SE2717H FHD LED3508.77526.324035.09
Monitor - Dell SE2419HR 24" LED2521.74378.262900
Monitor - Philips 23" LED HDMI S25003752875
Ram - 4GB DDR4 S0 2400 Laptop521.7478.26600
Monitor - Philips 18.5" LED DVDI1260.87189.131450
Converter - Aten HDMI to VGA VC347.8352.17400
Smart Watch SW150 SIM BT SPK CA565.2284.78650
Samsung Screen Protector T561165.2224.78190
Cash Drawer - PC-400BS Heavy1096.49164.471260.96
Monitor - Dell S2421HN FHD 23.8"3739.13560.874300
Monitor - AOC 18.5" TN Panel LED1739.13260.872000
Monitor - Acer LED 18.5'' W 47c1216.53182.481399.01
Converter - USB to HDMI Adaptor307.0246.05353.07
HP 250 G8 Intel i3-1005G 4GB 509391.311408.710800.01
USB Cable - UC312 USB3.0 TypeC86.9613.04100
HP 255 AMD A4-9125 2.3 4GB 500G5217.39782.616000
HP 250 G7 Intel i3-1005G1 4GB 58652.171297.839950
HP 250 G8 Celeron N4020 4GB 5005217.39782.616000
Monitor - SAMSUNG 21.5'' SERIES2260.87339.132600
HP 255 G8 AMD Radeon 3020e 4GB5217.39782.616000
Cable - CAT6E 500m UTwistedPair2956.52443.483400
Cable - 20M Ethernet CAT5E113.0416.96130
Monitor - Philips 27" LED WALL M4385.97657.95043.87
HP 255 G8 AMD3020e 4GB 1TB 15.65652.17847.836500
Monitor - Samsung 19" LED1303.48195.521499
Cable - Cat6E305 Cattex Network2652.17397.833050
Macbook Pro 13.3 Core i7 2.9Ghz15570.182335.5317905.71
Battery - HP Probook 4530956.52143.481100
Macbook Air 13-Inch: Apple M1 Ch24347.833652.1728000
Battery - Lenovo G450964.91144.741109.65
8GB SDHC Verbatim104.3515.65120
AC Adaptor - Lenovo CL560 65W20.278.2641.74320
Battery - Hp Probook 4510833.34125958.34
Car Charger CC300 1QC 3.0 1 U156.5223.48180
Battery - HP Probook 430 G2 H6L21052.63157.891210.52
Samsung UA46EH50 46" LED TV8694.781304.229999
Battery - HP Probook 450G2921.05138.161059.21
Seagate 320GB Thin Hard Disk1495.65224.351720
AC Adaptor - Toshiba 90W Astrum330.4549.57380.02
Battery - Lenovo T540p1929.82289.472219.29
Car Smart Holder SH510 360 6"130.4419.57150.01
16GB SD Verbatim SDHC139.1320.87160
Car MP3 Player FM400 Handfree Ki417.3962.61480
Cash Drawer - MK-425 Maken Heavy913.04136.961050
Monitor - Acer 19.5" 5MS LED1652.18247.831900.01
Cash Drawer - CR4115BK USB Inter1271.93190.791462.72
Speakers - Astrum SU105 2.0Ch US156.5223.48180
Memory Card Reader Havit USB Bla60.879.1370
Mecer Xpress Smartlife 10.1" 10120003002300
Mecer Wireless Presenter55082.5632.5
Battery - Toshiba LaptopPA3818U826.09123.91950
Battery - OEM HP PB 450/440 G51391.31208.71600.01
SMART Selfie Stick Blutoot 78cm139.1420.87160.01
128GB SDXC Transcend Memory Card330.4449.57380.01
D-Link PCI 100/1000 Ethernet Ca304.3545.65350
D-Link Parallel Printer Server565.2284.78650
HISENSE Infinity L675s Black An1956.52293.482250
HKvision 4MP Mini bullet 4mm len2587.72388.162975.88
Motherboard - MSI H81M-P33L1150868.7130.31999.01
D-Link DWA548 Wireless N300 PCI347.8352.17400
Converter - VGA - HDMI DA510A +s347.8352.17400
Converter - USB typeC to USB3.0104.3515.65120
Camera - SC170 Sports Camera WIF1043.48156.521200
32GB MicroSD SanDisk Ultra Andro156.5223.48180
Converter DA470 HDMI TO AV CVBS347.8352.17400
32GB MicroSD SanDisk + Adaptor156.5223.48180
Ram- 4GB DDR4 2666Mhz HP1565.22234.781800
Mouse - HP Wireless 200260.8739.13300
Mouse - HP USB Optical (OEM)105.2615.79121.05
HDD - 512GB SATA3 SSD Drive1304.35195.651500
Mouse - HP Z3700 Black Wireless304.3545.65350
Mouse - HP Wireless X3300 white173.9126.09200
Mouse - GIGABYTE M5050 Optical M104.3515.65120
Power Supply 12Vdc 1Amp for HKvi350.8852.63403.51
Ram - 8GB DDR4 2666 Mhz EMC Serv2608.7391.313000.01
PowerBank 20 000MAH PB210 Black608.791.31700.01
Mouse - Genius NX7005 Wireless B191.3128.7220.01
Ram - 8GB DDR4-2666 Transcend L913.04136.961050
Headphones - Logitech H111 Ster278.2641.74320
Motherboard - ASUS Intel H61M-E719.3107.9827.2
Camera - Canon Powershot SX4102631.58394.743026.32
Camera - Canon Powershot SX540HS5216.52782.485999
Monitor - Samsung S24F350 24''2521.74378.262900
Camera - Canon IXUS190 20MP 10x2173.91326.092500
Motherboard - Biostar H310MHP So1304.35195.651500
Motherboard - Biostar H110MGC 1868.7130.31999.01
Motherboard - Biostar H61MLV31026.32153.951180.27
Cable Ties 400mm 100 pack black104.3515.65120
HP 250 G7 i3-1005G14GB 500GB 157782.611167.398950
HP 250 G6 Intel? Core i3-7020U6869.571030.447900.01
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-B75M-D876.32131.451007.77
HP 250 G7 Intel Celeron N4020 45652.17847.836500
Camera - Canon PS SX430 20MP45x3652.18547.834200.01
Monitor - Samsung LC27F390F 27"3913.04586.964500
Monitor - Samsung 23.5" Curved3478.26521.744000
Mouse - Alcatroz AirMouse3 Sile130.4419.57150.01
Speakers - SonicGear Pandora Lum217.3932.61250
Keyb - Alcatroz A200 Wireless Bl330.4449.57380.01
NA150 Wireless Adaptor 150Mbps165.2224.78190
Speakers - Sonicgear Soundbar BT2173.91326.092500
Keyb - HP Probook 450 G3 470 G3565.2284.78650
Speakers - Astrum SM310 12W FM T565.2284.78650
PowerBank 10000MAH PB320 Astrum347.8352.17400
Speakers - SonicGear Morro X5 2.956.52143.481100
Speakers - SonicGear Space 3 Sav652.1897.83750.01
64GB C10 MicroSDHC + Adaptor217.3932.61250
Speakers - Astrum SM060 MMS 2.1782.61117.39900
Laptop screen 15.6" LED 40 pin1391.31208.71600.01
Mouse - Targus Wireless Optical260.8739.13300
Lenovo Folio Case + Film TAB M8434.7865.22500
KVM Switch 4 Ports Auto + Cable569.5785.44655.01
Monitor - Dell E2422 FHDIPSLED3739.13560.874300
Keyb- Microsoft Natural Ergonom782.61117.39900
Philips DVT4110 Voice Tracer Au3434.78515.223950
Motherboard - Biostar P4M80060090690
Memory Card Reader MicroSD OTG52.187.8360.01
Laptop Screen 14" LED 40 pins1217.39182.611400
Laptop Screen 11.6" LED 40 pin1043.48156.521200
Keyb - Alcatroz Xplorer Air 2200347.8352.17400
PC - Acer Aspire XC-840 N4505 86521.74978.267500
Lenovo IdeaPad 330 AMD3020E 4GB5043.48756.525800
Speakers - ION TAILGATER Bluetoo28004203220
Microphone - SonicGear M3 wired217.432.61250.01
Cable - HDMI to HDMI 10m652.1897.83750.01
Converter - USB type C to HDMI A347.8352.17400
RAM - 4GBDDR4 2666MhzPatriot652.1797.83750
Converter - USB to VGA Adaptor347.8352.17400
HP 250 G8 Intel Core i3-1005G1800012009200
Cable - HDMI to HDMI 10 Astrum520.8778.13599
Cable Stripper UTP/Network60.879.1370
Dell Inspiron 15 3000 I5-7200U6521.74978.267500
Headphones - SonicGear Xenon 2 S139.1320.87160
Ram - 8GB DDR4 2666Mh Patriot D913.04136.961050
Camera - CANON IXUS 185 BLACK -2347.83352.172700
HP 15-ra011ni Cel N3060 4GB 5004782.61717.395500
Camera - IP100 Camera 720P WIFi868.7130.31999.01
USB Cable - Mini USB - OTG104.3515.65120
Battery - IBM T60/Z61/R60826.1123.92950.02
Battery - Lenovo E40/T410/510 La826.1123.92950.02
Battery - Lenovo G430/530/3400826.1123.92950.02
Battery - HP laptop DV7826.1123.92950.02
Car Mobile Holder SH490 360 W130.4419.57150.01
Car Mp3 Player FM130 Modulator173.9126.09200
Battery - OEM Dell Insp 15 30001086.96163.041250
Cash Drawer - FT-460S Maken Fli1043.48156.521200
Computer Case - Alcatroz Futura608.791.31700.01
Converter - HDMI to VGA+Sound Ad347.8352.17400
Battery - OEM HP 250/255 G3/4782.61117.39900
Battery - OEM HP Probook 6470/84826.09123.91950
Ram - 4GB DDR3 SO 1600 1.35 lap521.7478.26600
Headphones - HT400 Wireless On-e391.358.7450
32GB SDXC Strontium Nitro UHS-1156.5223.48180
Flash - 16GB SanDiskCruzer Face113.0416.96130
Flash - 16GB SanDisk Ultra 3.0130.4419.57150.01
Flash - 32GB Kingston Datatravel147.8322.17170
Flash - 32GB Cruzer Edge156.5223.48180
Flash - 16GB Transcend JF590K US104.3515.65120
Flash - 16GB SanDisk Cruze Edge113.0416.96130
Smart Watch SW200 IP67 1.3" HR B608.791.31700.01
DVD Writer - Lenov 24X DVDW OEM304.3545.65350
Dell Vostro 3500 i5-1135G7 8GB111043.481656.5212700
USB Cable USB-C to Apple 8 pin226.0933.91260
128GB Strontium MicroSDXC UHS-1321.7448.26370
Earphones - ET320 Tru Wireless330.4449.57380.01
Router - Netis WF2375 AC600 Wire1521.74228.261750
HDD - 500GB Toshiba SATA 3.5" De782.61117.39900
HDD - 2TB Transcend 2.5" USB3.01608.7241.311850.01
HDD - 1TB Toshiba Internal 2.5"860.87129.13990
Headphones - HS400 Wired +Mic260.8739.13300
Headphones - HS125 Over-ear PC H217.432.61250.01
HDMI SPLITTER 1.4V - 4 ports HDM608.791.31700.01
RCT DS-GN601C USB TYPE C 6 IN 1495.6574.35570
Router - Biillion B-8800NXL ADSL1043.48156.521200
Flash - 32GB Transcend USB3.1 JF130.4419.57150.01
Router - DLink DSL-124 ADSL N300739.13110.87850
4GB MicroSD Verbatim86.9613.04100
Flash - 8GB Strontium Amo Silver104.3515.65120
Flash - 64GB Strontium Pollex173.9126.09200
Battery - HP laptop DV4/CQ60826.1123.92950.02
UPS - VERTIV itON 2000VA/1200W1956.52293.482250
Alcatroz 2.1 X-Craft HP1000 Gami478.2671.74550
Alcatroz 2.1 X-Craft HP8000 Gami478.2671.74550
UPS - VERTIV itON 1000VA/600W L1391.31208.71600.01
TV - AP500 Android TV Media Play1217.39182.611400
HP DisplayPort to HDMI 1.4 Adap347.8352.17400
UPS - Eaton 5E 1100VA1652.18247.831900.01
RAM - 2GB DDR2 800Mhz Jetram652.1897.83750.01
Aux Split Cable34.785.2240
Bag - Astrum 10.1" Tablet Sleeve86.9613.04100
ASUS RP-AC52 Dual-Band Wireless-1304.35195.651500
APC Voltage Regulator750112.5862.5
Ram - 16GB DDR4 Dell EMC T403913.04586.964500
Astrum VGA - HDMI Adaptor486.9673.04560
AC Adaptor Lenovo L580/480800120920
HP UltraSlim Docking Station2347.83352.172700
AC Adaptor Lenovo Thinkpad 45W S591.388.7680
AC Adaptor HP 65W Smart H6Y89AA521.7478.26600
Projector - Acer X1327Wi 4000 l800012009200
Ipad - Ipad3 silicon sleeve171.0525.66196.71
Switch - D-link DES-1024 24-Port913.04136.961050
Toshiba Satellite Pro i5 8GB25612869.571930.4414800.01
TUFF-LUV Case & Stand with Pen739.13110.87850
TUFF-LUV Tempered Glass Screen217.3932.61250
Switch - Netis 16 ports 10/100 F782.61117.39900
HP ProBook 450 G8 i5 4GB256G 1512434.781865.2214300
Tablet - Lenovo A5500, 8" 1280x82608.7391.313000.01
Battery - DELL Latitude D500/600826.1123.92950.02
Battery - DELL 500/1525 Laptop826.1123.92950.02
Battery - HP 250/255/15 G6826.09123.91950
Battery - HP 250 G5 laptop826.09123.91950
Battery - Dell Inspiron 14 5481826.09273.912100
Bag - TS100 Sleeve Neoprene 10.086.9613.04100
WebCam - Logitech C310HD10001501150
Canon PR100-R WH Presenter478.2671.74550
Bag - Dell Essential Topload 15.391.358.7450
Battery - HP 630/635 laptop826.09123.91950
RAM - 2GB DDR3 1333 Laptop40060460
Scanner - Barcod 1D HandheldGun1173.91176.091350
Targus Wireless Presenter Laser608.791.31700.01
Router - D-Link DAP 1360 Wireles695.65104.35800
Router - DWR-730 3GHSPA+ Mobile739.13110.87850
Speakers - Astrum ST240 Bluetoot434.7865.22500
Trust Slimeline FolioStand IPAD347.8352.17400
Speakers - Astrum SM010 2.1MMS 1347.8252.17399.99
Gamepad - GW600 PS4 TPAD SPK 6AX826.09123.91950
Battery - OEM HP 250/255 G7/81304.35195.651500
Speakers - SonicGear EVO 9 BTMI1695.65254.351950
4GB MicroSD Strontium + Adaptor69.5710.4480.01
DVD - Transcend Slim Portable D608.791.31700.01
AC Adaptor HP 510/530/620 Laptop260.8739.13300
Wireless Charger for Cellphones304.3545.65350
16GB MicroSDHC Kingston + Adapto104.3515.65120
16GB Apacer MicroSD + Adaptor121.7418.26140
USB Cable UT620 to USB type C104.3515.65120
PC - HP 285 G3 MT, AMD RYZEN 5800012009200
AC Adaptor Dell 65W with 6FT739.13110.87850
Network - RJ45 Cat6e Connector 5104.3515.65120
Smart Watch SW400 IP67 BT4.0695.65104.35800
Battery - HP Probook 450 G3956.52143.481100
Speakers - ST150 BT4.0 Slim 2.0434.7865.22500
AC Adaptor Asus PAD-11 18W for391.3158.7450.01
HP USB-C to VGA Adapter565.2284.78650
Flash - 32GB Apacer USB3.0 AH355156.5223.48180
Headphones - SonicGearAirphone5434.7865.22500
PowerBank 10000MAH PB120 Astrum365.2254.78420
Ram - 8GB DDR3 Zeppelin PC1600695.65104.35800
Mouse - Alcatroz AirMouse 3 Sile130.4419.57150.01
Keyb - Trust USB LED Light for G191.328.7220
16GB SDHC Transcend Memory card104.3515.65120
Mouse - Alcatroz Gaming Mouse191.3128.7220.01
32GB MicroSD Apacer Class 10156.5223.48180
Ram - 2GB DDR2 800 Zeppelin lap417.3962.61480
Cable - SATA 1xPower cable17.392.6120
Bag - Astrum LB200 BACKPACK OXFO304.3545.65350
Cable - HDMI - HDMI Havit 10m520.8778.13599
Converter - HDMI Wireless Displa347.8252.17399.99
AC Adaptor Acer 65W Replacement260.8739.13300
PowerBank 6000Mah PB540260.8739.13300
UPS - VERTIV itON 800VA/480W LI913.04136.961050
Speakers - Audiobox BBX LP6000 C304.3545.65350
Speakers - Audiobox BT150 Soundb330.4449.57380.01
HDD - 2TB Seagate Expansion 2.5"1434.78215.221650
Mouse - Microsoft USB Mouse OEM173.9126.09200
Mouse - MW240 Wireless Optical B156.5323.48180.01
Graphic - Gigabyte nVidia GeForc1478.26221.741700
Speakers - Havit HV-SK467 Stereo130.4419.57150.01
Vantec VLink CB-CU310GNA USB C t347.8352.17400
Power Supply - ATX 242 Watts 4xS391.358.7450
Headphones - 5.0 Wireless/Blueto260.8739.13300
Charger - Home CH220 2.1Am 2US113.0416.96130
HDD - 4TB Seagate Barracuda SATA2217.39332.612550
Smart Watch SB150 IP67 BT4. OLED565.2284.78650
Headphones - HS160 Astrum Kids S173.0425.96199
Speakers - SonicGear NEOX 250BT521.7478.26600
Screen Cleaning Kit Liquid+Clot86.9613.04100
RCT Display Port to VGA Adaptor304.3545.65350
32GB SDHC Verbatim Class 10208.731.31240.01
32GB MicroSD Patriot LX C10 Card139.1320.87160
HDD - 2TB Seagate Baracuda SAT31391.3208.71600
Monitor - Philips 19.5" LED HDM2086.96313.042400
Headphones - Armaggeddon Pulse 7434.7865.22500
Gamepad - GP230 Dual Vibration c243.4836.52280
Flash - 16GB Strontium F. Disk104.3515.65120
Flash - 64GB Patriot Pulse USB20217.3932.61250
Flash - 8GB Strontium F. Disk78.2611.7490
Headphones - KOMC S39 headset130.4419.57150.01
AC Adaptor Lenovo OEM Small pin304.3545.65350
Tempere Glass for Iphone 6+86.9613.04100
Armaggeddon Nuke 11 7.1 Surroun860.87129.13990
AC Adaptor HP OEM Blue small pin304.3545.65350
Bluetooth USB Receiver, BT4.0 CS139.1420.87160.01
Speakers - SonicGear Titan3 BTM521.7478.26600
AC Adaptor Dell 65W Charger521.7478.26600
Network - RJ45 Connectors (100)113.0516.96130.01
Car MP3 Player ET400 Handfree Ki330.4349.56379.99
Converter -RCT HDMI-VGA Adaptor347.8352.17400
Converter - DVI-I to VGA MF 24+578.2611.7490
Car MP3 player FM410391.3158.7450.01
AC Adaptor Dell OEM Small pin304.3545.65350
Ram - 4GB DDR4 2666Mhz Notebook608.791.31700.01
Keyb - KT300 Blutooth Foldable521.7478.26600
Keyb - Alcatroz Air 6500 Wireles391.3158.7450.01
NA300 Wireless Adaptor 300Mbps217.432.61250.01
Ram - 4GB DDR3 PC1600 laptop521.7478.26600
TUFF-LUV MF3066 Smart Case +St565.2284.78650
Astrum POP STAND with Airvent130.4419.57150.01
UPS - Mecer 1000VA OFF-LINE UPS1521.74228.261750
TUFF-LUV TL_MF3060 2.5D Tempered478.2671.74550
Vantec 3 Ports USB3.0/C PCIE Ada330.4449.57380.01
AC Adaptor HP OEM Old laptops 51304.3545.65350
Car Charger CC210 2.4Amp USB Bla86.9613.04100
AC Adaptor Toshiba OEM347.8352.17400
Switch - D-Link DES1008 8 Ports260.8739.13300
Converter - RCTUSB3.0 type C fem69.5710.4480.01
HDD - 480GB SanDisk SSD 2.5 SATA1304.35195.651500
Ram - 8GB DDR4-2666 Transcend913.04136.961050
Mouse - CRU370TLaptop Optical Mo78.2611.7490
Flash - 32GB Transcend JF590K US130.4419.57150.01
Flash - 64GB Kingston USB3.1 Dat217.432.61250.01
Flash - 64GB OTG Transcend JF340217.3932.61250
Headphones - SonicGearAirphone7478.2671.74550
Keyb - TB120 Keyboard Case 9/10"217.3932.61250
Keyb - Rapoo Wireless +Mouse X18391.1358.67449.8
Headphones - SonicGear Airphone6434.7865.22500
Bag - Targus Citysmart Multi-Fi868.7130.31999.01
USB Cable - Apple Sync/Charging156.5223.48180
Screen Cleaning CS140 Kit 3-in186.9613.04100
Flash - 128GB Strontium Ammo Sil417.3962.61480
Earphones - ET200 Stereo Blueto330.4449.57380.01
Headphones - SonicGearAirphone3391.3158.7450.01
Converter - HDMI to HDMI F-F Ext52.187.8360.01
16GB MicroSDHC Sandisk Ultra104.3515.65120
D-Link DWA 131 Wireless USB Adap330.4449.57380.01
RAM - 4GB DDR3 ZEPPELIN PC1600521.7478.26600
Gamepad - GW520 5in1 Wireless PC330.4349.56379.99
Network - RJ45 Boot Rubber 50 Pa104.3515.65120
Speakers - ITOUR-POP-BLACK173.9126.09200
Mouse - Alcatroz Asic Pro 2 Opti104.3515.65120
Mouse Pad Astrum MP110 PVC 230x217.42.6120.01
Mouse - Mecer USB Black optical113.0416.96130
Laptop Coooling PAs 15.6" Slim B130.4419.57150.01
Keyb - Logitech Wireless + Mous478.2671.74550
Enclosure - 2.5" USB3.0 Sata Bla243.4836.52280
Mecer PCI Serial, parallel port260.8739.13300
Enclosure - 3.5" HDD SATA/IDE U391.358.7450
USB UM201 USB2.0 Male - Male34.785.2240
Earphones - EB500 USB-C DAC 1.2m130.4419.57150.01
Car MP3 Player SH550 & Mobile ho191.3128.7220.01
Mouse - Logitech Wireless M171 B217.3932.61250
Memory Card Reader Transcend USB156.5223.48180
Charger - Home CH190 Type C104.3515.65120
Gamepad - Astrum GP210 Vibratio130.4419.57150.01
Mouse - MW270 Wireless 2.4Ghz Re191.3128.7220.01
Converter - DVI-D to HDMI MFB86.9613.04100
16GB SDXC Strontium Nitro UHS-1113.0416.96130
Bag - Targus Intellect Backpack417.3962.61480
Mouse - MU110 Optical USB Black78.2611.7490
Flash - 32GB Verbatim Pinstripe139.1420.87160.01
64GB Strontium MicroSDXC+ Adapto182.6127.39210
Mouse - MW200 Wireless 2.4G Blac156.5223.48180
TP-Link 300MBPS USB Wireless Ada260.8739.13300
Keyb - Alcatroz Xplorer C3300 Si20030230
Speakers - Sonicgear Titan2 2.0243.4836.52280
AU101 Aux Cable 1.5m 3.5mm M-m43.486.5250
Keyb - Astrum KC100 + Mouse Comb217.3932.61250
Lock Digital combination82.6112.3995
USB UH020 4in1 Memory Card Reade121.7418.26140
WebCam Astrum Mic 720P HD USB Bl391.3158.7450.01
Mouse - Logitech Corded M90 USB130.4419.57150.01
USB UH030 4in1 Memory Card Reade121.7418.26140
USB UT600 TypeC to USB3.0 port104.3515.65120
Aux Jack AS004 Audio +mic34.785.2240
Mouse - Alcatroz AirMouse_x000D_
Earphones - EB250 With Wire Mic69.5710.4480.01
Mouse - MU200 USB Optical Mouse78.2611.7490
Mouse - Alcatroz Asic7 USB RGBF113.0416.96130
Mouse Pad MP210 Silicon Rubber B78.2611.7490
16GB C10 MicroSDHC Card With_x000D_ Ad104.3515.65120
Flash - 64GB Kingston USB3.2 gen173.9126.09200
Mouse - Logitech B100 Optical US86.9613.04100
Laptop Skins 3D78.2611.7490
Flash - 32GB DataTraveler Kyson156.5223.48180
64GB SDXC Strontium Nitro UHS217.432.61250.01
32GB MicroSD Transcend UHS Class130.4419.57150.01
Car Mobile Mate Antislip Rubber34.785.2240
Network - RJ45 Wall Box Single104.3515.65120
USB UH050 HUB 4 PORTS FULL USB2104.3515.65120
Earphones - EB170 wire with mic52.177.8360
Car MP3 Player FM390 Modulator304.3545.65350
Flash - 16GB Strontium Amo Silve121.7418.26140
Flash - 32GB Strontium Ammo Sil156.5223.48180
Enclosure - 2.5" USB2.0 EN250 en156.5223.48180
Flash - 32GB Nitro OTG Strontium147.8322.17170
32GB MicroSD Samsung Evo Plus139.1320.87160
Mouse Pad - Acatroz X-Craft mous34.785.2240
Keyb - Astrum KB170USB Classic 1130.4419.57150.01
Keyb - Alcatroz Xplorer K330 Sil113.0416.96130
Mouse - MW280 Wireless 6D 1600Dp173.9226.09200.01
Earphones - EB200 With Wire Mic52.177.8360
Flash - 32GB OTG USB3.1& Type C173.9126.09200
16GB MicroSD Strontium Card104.3515.65120
Flash - 32GB Kingston USB3.2 Gen130.4419.57150.01
8GB MicroSD Strontium + Adaptor86.9613.04100
Mouse - MU100 USB Black Optical78.2611.7490
Charger - Home CH100 1.0AMP60.879.1370
32GB MicroSD Kingston Class 10130.4419.57150.01
32GB MicroSD Strontium + Adaptor121.7418.26140
Cable - Power Molex to 2x Molex17.392.6120
Flash - 32GB Strontium Pollex US139.1420.87160.01
Power Cable - Dedicated Top Flat60.879.1370
USB Cable UD115 Android Cellph34.795.2240.01


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